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New & Improved Product Spotlight – PaverMAX

February 8th, 2011 Posted in Product Focus

By: Glenn Wrobleski – Equipment Division Manager

As many of you have learned over the years, PAVE TECH and PROBST are constantly working to improve our products.  But we don’t make changes only for change’s sake.  We look at current designs and ask “how can we make it better.”  All of our design idea’s come directly from the field and from contractors themselves.  Our redesign efforts focus on improving performance to help improve your productivity.

One of our most recent redesigns involved the paver laying machine, PaverMAX.  If you visited PAVE TECH’s outdoor exhibit area at the GIE/Hardscape show in Louisville, you would have noticed the new PaverMAX Model VM401.

First introduced at Galabau in Nuremburg, Germany in 2008, the PaverMAX VM401 is state-of-the-art mechanical paver installation.  The PaverMAX VM401 provides more power, more flexibility, more comfort and all at a considerable cost savings.

Power: The trend toward larger and heavier pavers/slabs requires equipment to keep pace.  The VM401, with a 1,320 pound capacity and powered by a Kubota 4-cylinder 36 HP diesel, easily handles heavier products.

Vacuum attachments are typically used with the PaverMAX for slab installations1.  The vacuum is powered hydraulically by the PaverMAX giving the operator complete control of the installation.  Suction and release are activated by the joystick control inside the cab and the hydraulic rotator gives further flexibility for exact positioning.  Setting the slab is accomplished by the operator alone without addition manual labor.

More power usually means a larger frame but our design team knows that maneuverability on a paver job site is critical.  With double articulated steering the VM401 still offers superior maneuverability and absolute stability.

Flexibility: The PaverMAX VM401 is a modular design allowing you to select the options that are important to your application.  Options include: Open cab design, partially enclosed cab or fully enclosed cabin with heat.  An advanced electronic PLC control system is another option that allows operation of the paver clamp by push button and also automatic operation of the clamp.  Additional flexibility comes from the many attachments available to make the PaverMAX effective for many different types of jobs: Vacuum attachments, sweeping attachments and various hydraulic clamp attachments make the PaverMAX effective for more than just laying pavers.

Comfort: Ergonomics has always been an important design criteria for PAVE TECH and PROBST and the redesigned VM401 proves that functionality and ergonomics go hand-in-hand.  Features such as adjustable steering column, adjustable foot pedals and a cabin dampening system, joystick control, adjustable seat and excellent 360° visibility provide great driving comfort in the PaverMAX VM401.

PaverMAX VM401 and the classic PaverMAX VM203 offer contractors a full range of choices.  For many installers the VM203 is the most economic introduction to mechanical installation.  And this makes perfect sense because the VM203 shares many of the same high performance features with the VM401 (Kubota diesel, maneuverability, stability, reliability, etc.).

Our design changes creating the VM401 represent a commitment to continual improvement.  The result is an innovative, powerful and versatile laying machine with advanced operating features.  But even our newest designs will be improved as we more forward together.

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